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UAE Investment Warning by tortured London businessman

London businessman tortured in UAE warns British investors

In a most egregious attack, those who are responsible for the safety and protection of people in their custody, took advantage of their power and abused the 61 year old grandfather, Albert Douglas.

After having been violently beaten and tortured by UAE prison guards, Albert sustained multiple fractures and injuries that still require surgery today. Now, rather than returning him to his home country, UAE authorities have been pushed by the UK to conduct a charade of an investigation into the abuse.

In a recorded telephone call yesterday, Albert Douglas said “2 years ago I was severely beaten and tortured by the UAE police. My left shoulder and right hand were broken. My head was kicked around like a football. As a direct result of the head trauma, I now suffered from Alzheimer's, PTSD and regular blackouts. I was deprived of water and left in the desert for two days. I was forced to drink from the filthy toilet basins to survive. I thought I was going to die. It was all recorded on CCTV and there were numerous witnesses. There is no argument. The FCDO were immediately advised but it took one year for my savage beating and torture to be investigated.

“I arrived at the court a year ago, I was given a full medical examination by specialists who confirmed my injuries were correct. The court asked me to give a full detailed account. I was about half way through my statement when a local Emirati burst into the chamber and shouted “khalas” (finish) so they never heard my full statement.” Albert was then chained up and returned to a local Dubai prison.

Listen to Albert's full phone call: