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Steve Long Transferred to Al Wathba Prison Where Family Fears "He Will Die"

Steve's sister Clare is afraid he will "die in prison" after seeing the state of him in custody.

Steve Long, the British veteran and paramedic whose background working with bomb disposal units caused him to have a mental breakdown in Abu Dhabi airport last month, telling staff he believed there was a bomb on the plane, has been transferred from psychiatric hospital to prison. His family fear his mental state will worsen, “I’m afraid he will die in prison,” his sister Clare said yesterday.

Further details have emerged about both the incident that led to his arrest, as well as the mistreatment he suffered at the hands of police. “Steve was hallucinating and believed he was back in the military,” Clare explained, “We were trying to get him home to Manchester because friends said he had been displaying signs of a breakdown. We wanted to get him to hospital as soon as possible.

Notorious Al Wathba Prison where Steve is being held

When Long told airport staff that he feared there was an explosive on the plane, apparently there was disagreement as to whether or not police should be summoned, with staff initially recognising that Long was suffering a psychotic episode. Supervisors at Etihad Airlines, however brought in police, and Long was immediately arrested and taken into custody, where he was unable to drink or eat due to his mental state. He was denied medication, unless he agreed to “confess”.