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German national attacked in a UAE prison

German national Dieter Kellouche, 42, has been attacked in a UAE prison where he is serving a life sentence. Last night, Kellouche was assaulted in his cell by another inmate who forcibly pulled him off the top bunk of his bed, resulting in multiple fractures in his right foot. Dieter was taken to hospital, but immediately returned to the prison because the facility had no spare beds. He is now suffering severe swelling and complications in detention, waiting for a vacancy in the hospital. Dieter has not been visited by the German embassy in over a year.

Dieter is a quiet, peaceful man locked up with violent criminals,” Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, said. “The injustice of his case is staggering. He has been shamefully abandoned by the German government; he had no chance to defend himself in court – the Germans did nothing. He went on a hunger strike – the Germans did nothing. He has now been viciously assaulted in prison – the Germans are doing nothing. What will it take for the German government to intervene?”


Dieter Kellouche was arrested in 2017 and quickly convicted on the orders of prominent Emirati Sheikh Mohammed Sultan Bin Huwaiden Al Ketbi, a cousin of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed – arguably the most powerful man in the Emirates – when he approached Al Ketbi outside his home to say ‘hello’. Though the two were friends, Al Ketbi didn’t recognise Dieter and physically struck him for daring to greet him. He then had Dieter arrested, presumably to cover up his own mistake, and the court summarily sentenced him to a life term.