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German man on hunger strike in Sharjah’s notorious prison, after being sentenced to life in prison

German sentenced to LIFE in UAE desert jail goes on hunger strike

Happier times before the Sheikh had him locked away. Right with wife

42 year old Dieter Kellouche has resorted to a hunger strike after his entire life was stolen by an Emirati Sheikh in a judicial system where a spiteful allegation is enough to condemn a victim to a life sentence.

Radha Stirling interviewed Dieter’s brother Thomas on her podcast “Gulf in Justice” last month where she discussed his plight in depth. Abandoned by the German government and with no end in sight, Dieter has resorted to a hunger strike, a sort of last resort form of protest.

“We’ve seen others hunger strike in the past. It’s a desperate plea for help. Clearly Dieter is feeling defeated, stressed and worried that his entire future has been stolen and his life ruined. He has explored every possible judicial relief but when your accuser is a member of the royal family, you really don’t stand a chance in the UAE.

“The German government has a responsibility here to ensure its ally, the UAE, does not feel confident that it can lock up German citizens who have committed absolutely no crime, without sanction. The German foreign minister needs to engage with their counterpart in the UAE in this case. They are already aware that the particular Sheikh involved is a ‘problem’, and the UAE rulers can not allow for this kind of abuse of power to continue.”


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