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Dubai’s Deadly Cops: Lee Bradley Brown Inquest 2022

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

While Ryan Reynolds and various other celebrities take money from Dubai to promote this year’s expo, the more sinister side of the Emirates is being seriously exposed. No amount of celebrity or influencer endorsement can possibly make the past decade’s blood stains look like wine.

Police brutality commonplace in Dubai while celebrities market the expo

“10 years ago, I was telephoned by a clearly distressed British national”, recalled Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, “he told me that a young British man had just been beaten to death by police. He was dead and in his last words, he desperately pleaded for help. The police did not help him, did not take him to the hospital. They left him there to die.

“Although I had known of torture, beatings and abuse in prisons since founding the organisation in 2008, this was the first death in custody of a British national that I had come to know of. I wasn’t surprised though. It was obvious that with the police brutality reports we’d received over the years, eventually someone would die. I knew very well about Aboriginal deaths in custody from Australian police brutality. It was certainly foreseeable.

“Lee Bradley Brown visited Dubai as a tourist. He was arrested for swearing after he reportedly caught hotel staff trying to steal from his room and a few days later, he was dead but not due to an accident, a heart attack or drug abuse. He died at the hands of police who were supposed to protect people, not harm them.