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Dubai Prisoners Slam Foreign Office

Politicians and families put FCDO under fire in tomorrow's debate.

FCDO under fire by MP's and prisoner families over lack of support for Brits and failure to warn of real risks of travel to the UAE and gulf countries

Billy Hood’s heartbroken mother, Breda Guckion, has expressed her disdain that the British Foreign Office has done “next to nothing ”to help her son who was sentenced to 25 years over CBD oil left in his car by a visiting friend in Dubai. The courts have since agreed he did not traffic nor sell the CBD vape oil but only reduced his sentence to ten years.

A parliamentary debate is scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the FCDO’s lack of support towards British citizens and the need to increase travel warnings which are completely insufficient.

“I encouraged Billy to go to Dubai", recalls Breda, “we read the travel warnings and decided it was safe so long as you follow the law. I wish I had never told him to go and advance his career there. If the FCDO’s travel warnings had been honest, I don’t think he would ever have gone”, Breda reflected. “Had we known that the British courts deny extraditions because of human rights violations and forced confessions, that would have been a red flag to us.

“The FCDO does not warn you can be charged without evidence, forced to confess, beaten in detention or even killed. It does not tell you that you can be arbitrarily detained and it can take years to be exonerated of the false allegations against you. They don’t warn you that the courts convict you in 15 minute trials and usually side with the prosecution. They don’t warn you of the police and lawyer corruption. They don’t warn you that the British government won’t lift a finger to help you, even if it is a clear case of injustice or human rights violations.