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  • Detained in Dubai

British grandfather left in tears over transfer prison where he was beaten

Albert Douglas "traumatised" by transfer to torture prison.

Grandfather Albert Douglas was left in tears, saying final goodbyes to his distressed family after being told he would be transferred to the prison where he was violently beaten by guards.

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His family went into action, urgently appealing to MP Felicity Buchan, the FCDO and Liz Truss to intervene and protect him. “My father expected he would be killed if transferred to Al Ain prison where he was beaten to the point of permanent disability and broken bones. We had to swing into action before it was too late”, explained his son Wolfgang Douglas. “It was beyond horrendous and nobody was told. The British Embassy had no idea and we only found out by luck. God knows what would have happened if he hadn’t phoned to tell me. Nobody would have known where he’d been taken and we couldn’t have taken steps to protect him. It was an extremely emotional and worrying evening for all of us, especially my father.

“He had just been through 4 hours of interviews in Dubai with forensic doctors and Emirati VIP’s to go over what happened to him in Al Ain, then suddenly they are sending him to the very people who did this to him. This has been his worst fear all along. He’s had to speak out about what happened to him at great risk to his life, knowing that at any time, he could be sent back there.