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​Happy New Year & Detained in Dubai official announcements - 31 December 2018

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

We would like this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year, and to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of our friends and supporters.

Our CEO, Radha Stirling, who founded Detained in Dubai after her friend’s arrest over a decade ago, extends her warmest wishes, saying “2018 has indeed been a year that has challenged us with many grave injustices to fight, and battles to win. I am grateful to our friends, old and new, for making this work so rewarding. We have many new plans in place for the New Year and look forward to sharing them with you. Happy New Year!”

Frontiers of Freedom

New Year Change Announcements 2019:

Detained in Dubai

Ms Stirling recently spoke at a Washington based Frontier’s of Freedom conference, and met with a number DC based think tanks which has led to a welcomed expansion of Detained in Dubai endeavours and a change in operations. Ms Stirling is expected to make formal announcements in the first quarter of 2019.

Princess Latifa

  • Detained in Dubai and Radha Stirling are no longer directly involved with the #FreeLatifa social media accounts or the website or associated fundraising.

  • Radha Stirling is the only party appointed directly by Princess Latifa to assist her and will continue to represent Latifa al Maktoum and honour the promise she made when Latifa called her during the raid on Nostromo.

  • Ms Stirling appointed Mr Toby Cadman of Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers who continues to act on behalf of Sheikha Latifa as her sole representative at the United Nations. Mr Cadman also acts for all victims of the attack on Nostromo.

  • Official Detained in Dubai updates in respect of Sheikha Latifa will be provided via social media and via our website and using the hashtags #PrincessLatifa #DetainedinDubai


  • Thank you to press for the great assistance and service you offer in the field of human rights. Without your support, so many more this year would be either dead or in prison. Highlighting issues of injustice saves lives and a journalist’s work is crucial

  • All press queries should be directed to Radha Stirling, the only authorised spokesperson at Detained in Dubai. She can be contacted via our website, twitter @RadhaStirling, email: or phone +44 207 060 6900.

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