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  • Detained in Dubai

​Australian family’s distress over 68 year old businessman & father of 3 with, Joseph Sarlak fac

Australian Family man Joe Sarlak’s nightmare began on the 31st of July 2016, nearly two years ago, when he was tricked into attending a meeting to discuss his plans to leave Qatar. He has been in Doha prison ever since and, now experiencing serious health problems, fears he will die in Doha jail. In 2004, Joe was operating a business called Clearspan Technology in Queensland & Northern NSW, Australia, when he was asked to provide a quote for a civil project for Qatar Airways Emiri Hangar. He won the bid but the legal system in Qatar is quite unexpected to most foreigners. Sarlak required a local sponsor who would entirely own the newly registered Qatar based division of Clearspan. Sarlak would hold no official office and would not be an official shareholder. Instead, Sheikh Khalid Fahad Mohammed Saud Al Thani would, a powerful royal in Qatar with “wasta” (influence).