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​Asa Hutchinson convicted in absentia, sentenced to 3 months in Dubai jail after witnessing brawl

A Dubai court sentenced Briton Asa Hutchinson in absentia for being a witness to an alleged assault. Her testimony was dismissed, and she unable to defend herself in court. The UAE frequently commits such violations of basic due process.

Asa's case was highlighted to press and UK government earlier this year with support from Detained in Dubai and Priti Patel, MP: Priti Patel, MP responds to requests for support from 21 yr old Asa Hutchinson, trapped in Dubai.

British national Asa Hutchinson was convicted in absentia by a court in Dubai over an incident to which she was merely a witness. It has been reported in the UAE that Asa has been jailed for an alleged assault on a Swedish businessman by a group of peo