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  • Radha Stirling

The case of British National, Peter Margetts, sentenced to over 40 years imprisonment for BOUNCED CH

Peter Margetts was sentenced to over 40 years in prison for post dated cheques that he had written to a group of pilot investors. While his partners fled during the economic downturn, Peter remained to try to resolve the financial issues and request an extension from the investors. Unfortunately for Peter, the pilots did not agree to any new terms and subsequently presented the cheques to their banks and opened police cases when they bounced.

The police cases were lodged at a number of different police stations to ensure that they would be treated separately and heard at different courts. This ensured that the sentences would not be combined and Peter received individual sentences that compounded into the sentence he is currently serving.

The Financial Times reported that Peter tried to have his sentenced combined but the Court of Cassation denied his request:…/536c4ff4-1a25-11e3-93e8-00144feab7de

We attempted to reach an agreement with the group of pilots on behalf of Mr Margetts, whereby he could at least remain under house arrest in the UAE, rather than in prison. Peter told us “I can’t do anything to help t