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“Sheikh Mohammed - Save my husband

“Sheikh Mohammed - Save my husband. He needs medical treatment in the UK”

Naomi Douglas has sent a desperate plea and clemency request to Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, begging him to be merciful upon her husband who has undergone surgery at a Dubai hospital after being beaten in Al Ain prison.

Albert has been at hospital already to repair his broken bones but the doctors have said he needs multiple more surgeries for other injuries”, explains Naomi who has been without her husband for more than 9 months after he was jailed for cheques he did not write. “The forensic evidence has since confirmed he did not write the cheques and the parallel civil cases are slowly proving that he was not involved in any wrongdoing”, she added.

“Albert has suffered in prison for the past nine months and I beg you, don’t let his life be over. He has always been the greatest supporter of your country and has never been in trouble with the law before.

“Albert has sustained serious injuries that have caused permanent physical disabilities, broken bones, dislocated shoulders and head and back trauma from being beaten in Al Ain. He remains in a weak and fragile state and has recently had one operation of several to come over the coming year.

“Please let my husband return to us for medical treatment in the UK so we can try to put his life together again and I will be forever grateful”, Naomi pleaded Dubai’s ruler.