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Scottish man fights for Iraq jail cellmate

Brian desperately wants to help his friend out of prison

Brian Glendinning returned home to Scotland after being detained in an Iraqi jail over a Qatar issued Interpol Red Notice for debt. After extensive campaigning, he was finally released and avoided what was set to be at least two years in prison. His welcomed return to Scotland though, has left him feeling immense sadness for his 36 year old cellmate, Hussein Yactine, who helped him survive the ordeal.

Hussein has been in detention in Iraq for over one year for the same reasons as Brian, a Qatar bank debt. The pair still communicate frequently after Brian promised not to forget him. “Hussein doesn’t have the support of his country, Lebanon”, explained Brian, “they don’t have the clout or the inclination to help citizens wrongfully detained abroad and Hussein’s helpless against this unjust process. I could easily have been in his shoes if it weren’t for the legal and diplomatic efforts made on my behalf. I was lucky and I think everyone knows how unfair my detention was. It seems shocking to me that our country has supported Qatar’s rise while they continue to violate international treaties and protocols on human rights issues”.

Brian told the BBC that Brits should not be supporting the World Cup and should avoid visiting or investing in Qatar. “If a private commercial bank has the ability to have foreigners locked up abroad even though it’s against Interpol’s protocols and against UN directives, nobody should feel safe”, added Brian.

When Brian was released from prison, Hussein put a handwritten note in his bag which read “Congrats bro because you left from here. I’m really happy that you’re going to your country to see your wife and kids. I hope you will never forget your friend, Hussein”.

In a recorded telephone call, Hussein pleaded with Brian “I need your help. I can not stay here any more. My month is long, nobody is helping, nobody is doing anything. I hope your friend Radha can help me. I have family, three kids, I don’t have anybody, you know my situation.”

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