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Scottish court denies UAE extradition request of Edinburgh bus driver following expert testimony

- given by Radha Stirling, CEO Detained in Dubai

UAE courts. Refused permission to extradite Garnett Black to Dubai because of the high likelihood of human rights violations

Detained in Dubai applauded Scotland’s decision today to refuse extradition of their client Garrett Black to the United Arab Emirates, following the organisation’s involvement in the case.

Garrett Black, a bus driver from Edinburgh, found himself fighting an extradition request in front of the Edinburgh Sheriff Court when charges of breach of trust were brought against him by his former UAE son in law, apparently as a result of a domestic dispute with Garrett’s daughter.

Black had been in business with his Emirati son in law in Dubai. The Emirati had reportedly been drinking heavily and acting abusively towards Garrett’s daughter. Eventually she decided to leave the UAE permanently with their child and return to Scotland. The Emirati husband reportedly wanted to force his wife to return to the UAE with their child, and so allegedly fabricated criminal "breach of trust" charges against Garrett, in order to hold influence over the family.