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Radha Stirling: “World's commitment to women's rights tested in Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun case”

Rahaf in Thailand, MBS, Radha Stirling

Saudi Arabia is attempting to force 18 year old Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun to return to the country after being apprehended in Thailand en route to Äustralia where she had hoped to seek asylum. Reportedly, Saudi officials confiscated her passport and intercepted her at Bangkok airport where she has publicly appealed for asylum and for support from human rights organisations, fearing that she will be killed if returned to the gulf state.

Radha Stirling, Founder of Detained in Dubai and representative of Princess Latifa of Dubai (who escaped the UAE but was later forced back via a military operation), called for international support to provide refuge for Rahaf, stating:

"Rahaf is clearly not alone in feeling that her basic rights are violated in Saudi Arabia; there are untold thousands of women who feel the same sense of desperation that drove Rahaf to flee her family. Even Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has acknowledged that the country needs to improve in the area of women's rights. If Rahaf is deported, the hopes of women throughout the kingdom, and indeed, the Gulf, will be crushed