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Radha Stirling: Top 10 Most Inspiring People in Legal Services, 2022

“When battling foreign countries, the challenges are endless but that only makes winning more satisfying"

CIO Views has listed Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, amongst one of the top 10 most inspiring people in legal services, 2022.

Learn more about Ms Stirling on a personal level in this in-depth report.

Radha Stirling is a leading human rights advocate, crisis manager and policy consultant, focusing on the UAE and the wider Middle East. She is the founder and CEO of the United Kingdom-based organisation Detained in Dubai

Radha founded Detained in Dubai in 2008, a civil and criminal justice organisation after her friend, Cat Le-Huy, was imprisoned in Dubai. After leading the legal and media campaign that resulted in the exoneration of her friend, she was contacted by other people in the same situation begging for help. Radha had just finished a crash course in UAE culture, law and practice and decided to help out if she could. The requests kept rolling in and she responded to them, learning more and more as she took on more cases. She trained with local lawyers, prosecutors and judges to learn as much as she could and she also learned on the job, case by case. “I became the ‘go to’ authority for media commentary, for lawyers requiring experts and clients in catastrophes. I took on some of the biggest multimillion dollar business disputes with corrupt government owned corporations and won,” she states.

Detained in Dubai and Radha’s simultaneous growth

Radha says that this wasn’t a job to her, but it rathe