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ITV News: Radha Stirling, Alex Hood, Alfie Cain discuss Billy Hood, detained in Dubai over CBD.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Billy's family thought he'd be home for Christmas after the court found he "unintentionally possessed" CBD oil left in his car by a friend.

Alex says "10 years for what? For what? Best friend Alfie says he is worried for Billy, who helps him with Christmas trees every year. "He's sitting in the cell on your own in the dark, no bed, no blanket, cockroaches". Radha Stirling [CEO of Detained in Dubai] explains that the UAE has claimed they are changing the law in relation to possession and the new laws would allow Billy to opt for deportation instead of imprisonment.

"It seems strange that they have now given him a ten year prison sentence". Billy's sentence will be appealed to the Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi.



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