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Inside Detained In Dubai, the NGO representing Asa Hutchinson.....

Inside Detained In Dubai, the NGO representing Asa Hutchinson, and who secured the release from Dubai of Jamie Harron, Billy Barclay and Jamil Mukadam. The CEO and founder, Radha Stirling talks candidly.

Radha Stirling. CEO and founder of Detained In Dubai

The world is full of injustice. What made Radha Stirling get involved in Dubai in particular?

"It started with Cat Le Huy back in 2008,“ Radha says. "Cat was a friend and colleague working for Endemol, a UK broadcast giant. He was arrested at Dubai Airport because airport security mistook his melatonin jet lag pills for heroin. When the pills were shown to be completely legal and available over the counter in the UAE, the security man then claimed to have also found 0.03 grams of hashish in Cat’s bag, an amount to small to be seen with the naked eye. Cat was suddenly facing years in prison over what seemed like a security guard being embarrassed at making a mistake.

"With my background being in both law and media, I started a media campaign and coordinated the local legal efforts to secure Cat’s full acquittal and return to the UK, which took us around six weeks. It was the worst experience of Cat’s life but he is free now and was fortunate that he was not sentences to the expected four years in prison. After Cat was safe, I began received floods of letters and emails from other people whose lives had been ruined by the UAE’s approach to justice and I realised Cat’s situation was not unique. There were no other organisations who helped foreigners in the UAE and with my recent experience, I wanted to continue to hel