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German medical professional warns: “Dubai healthcare industry puts profits before patients.”

Dubai medical industry. "shiny new buildings. Inexperienced, under-qualified staff and poor quality equipment."

Dr WA a highly respected German neurosurgeon, along with US, UAE and UK medical colleagues is concerned that The UAE is not meeting international standards of medical care. This puts UAE patients’ health at risk, and doctors at risk of criminal negligence cases, even where the liability rests with the hospitals.

A public example is the case of Imran Hussain whose family is seeking compensation; Hussain has been left permanently brain damaged after a procedure carried out at the Dubai clinic in August 2016. The number of reports of similar incidents are increasing, partly due to the publicity surrounding this case.

Dr WA had been practicing in the UAE for over five years but felt compelled to leave when his attempts to improve the standard of care were ignored. Talking to Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai, Dr WA said,