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Exclusive: MP Kenny MacAskill slams Qatar over Conor Howard arrest in Greece

Veteran lawyer, Secretary for Justice and MP, Kenny MacAskill discusses Conor Howard's detention in Greece over a Qatar arrest warrant with Interpol & Extradition expert Radha Stirling on the Gulf in Justice Podcast

Conor Howard, a young Scottish man has been detained for extradition in Greece and faces deportation to Qatar over an herb grinder found in his luggage while transiting through Doha last year.  

Qatari authorities released him at the time, but inexplicably issued an international arrest warrant against him.  He was detained last week in Greece while visiting his parents.  

Radha speaks with Conor's MP, Kenny MacAskill about the case and what is being done, not only to help Conor, but to ensure that British citizens will no longer be subjected to frivolous Interpol notices issued by abusive countries like Qatar.


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