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Dubai authorities pledge to release British great grandfather

Dubai diplomats agree to release dementia sufferer William Meyerhoff after Detained in Dubai campaign

72 year old great grandfather William Meyerhoff was arrested en route to Australia over bounced cheque allegations from a company he worked for over a decade ago. UAE diplomats promised to release him, saying “we sometimes make mistakes”.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai who is representing William, has passed on the promising news to William’s son Matthew this morning, who lives in Australia. “William was amazed to hear the good news that authorities had promised to release his father”, said Stirling, “It was the first he had heard, despite the British Embassy having been in contact with him yesterday”.

“William was locked up with fellow British grandfather Albert Douglas who has also been detained over bounced cheques he didn’t write. Albert had been caring for William who also suffers dementia and was struggling in the prison when the two were taken from the cell and brought to a luxury two bedroom apartment within the prison, designed for VIP’s and Sheikhs who are jailed.”