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  • Detained in Dubai

British grandfather jailed in Dubai for crimes he claims he didn’t commit

Says he has witnessed suicides and rape by inmates and been forced to drink from communal toilet.

  • Albert Douglas, 60, from London described being tortured in Dubai Central Prison

  • Mr Douglas says he is innocent and was denied his heart medication for months

  • He described the abuse of the guards and seeing other prisoners take their lives in front of him

A 60-year-old British man detained in Dubai Central Prison over his son's business debts has described being tortured and witnessing the horrific treatment of other prisoners, some of who were raped.

He also described seeing other incarcerated people take their own lives in front of him.

Albert Douglas, originally from London, has fought a £1m legal battle to prove he was not liable for money owed by his son Wolfgang's business.

In a tape heard by MailOnline, Mr Douglas said: 'Since I've been in prison in UAE I've been beaten and tortured by the police for asking for my heart medicine.

'My left shoulder's dislocated, I've three bones broken in my right arm and I've got permanent head and back injuries.