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  • Detained in Dubai

Brit facing 3 years jail in Dubai for "public indecency"

Jamie loved Dubai, having visited many times on holiday, and on stopovers on his way to his work in Afghanistan

Following the recent, frightening arrest and detainment of British family man Billy Barclay, another Scot, Jamie Harron has also fallen foul of the contrary UAE legal system, this time a cultural misunderstanding has left a young man stuck in Dubai for 3 months facing years in jail, jobless and hugely in debt.

Jamie, from Stirling in Central Scotland, was holding a drink, moving through a crowded bar, and held a hand in front of him to avoid spilling drink on himself or others. He touched a man on his hip to avoid impact. He was arrested for public indecency. His passport is held by police, he has spent over £30,000 in expenses and legal fees, His entire £20,000 savings are gone plus another £12,000 on a credit card. He faces jail and a hefty fine. His company has sacked him and he is relying on a friend for accommodation. Jamie was only in Dubai on a 2 day stopover as he was flying back to work in Afghanistan where he works as an electrician.

He had been to Dubai many times on holiday and Jamie knows and respects the laws of the country. He has friends who work in Dubai and was having a drink with some of these friends at the Rock Bottom Bar, a popular venue for young people in the Tecom area of Dubai.