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Bangladesh court ordered shares belonging to Dr Massaad be transferred to RAKIA

Former advisor to RAK ruler Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi and CEO of RAKIA and RAK Ceramics, Dr Khater Massaad, has been the target of a years-long campaign that has seen repeated legal abuses in an "anything goes" approach to politically motivated judicial relief.

Bangladesh court just ordered shares alleged to belong to Dr Massaad be transferred to RAKIA after UAE authorities provided them with judgments that had been fast tracked through Sheikh Saud's personal courts. Saud had attempted to extradite Dr Massaad from Saudi Arabia, but failed due to a lack of evidence. The ruler then withdrew civil claims from Saudi Arabia and immediately returned to his own personal courts where judgments against Dr Massaad could be guaranteed and immediately forwarded to Bangladesh with a diplomatic request for cooperation.

Bangladesh courts automatically ordered in favour of the UAE with the Attorney General confirming Bangladesh responded to a "friendly nation's request" and they "hope their friends across the world would do the same". This was the first Dr Massaad had heard of the in-absentia court proceedings. He is now appealing the decision.

"Ras al Khaimah has several times reported me to Interpol, but the notices have been removed, again and again", said Dr Massaad who has been fighting off frivolous claims for years. "They have tried to extradite me, but have failed. Their cases against me in Saudi Arabia have been dismissed. I am not on the run. I am not a fugitive. I have not committed any crime. The fai