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9 News Australia publishes Gulf in Justice Podcast - Radha Stirling interviews Joseph Sarlak

9 News Australia publishes the Gulf Injustice Podcast on Joe Sarlak

Joe Sarlak moved from Albury to Qatar and ended up in jail over bounced cheques. (Supplied)

"An Australian grandfather trapped in Qatar after being imprisoned over bounced cheques has pleaded for the Australian government to help get him home, as it did academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert.

Joe Sarlak, 70, was in a squalid jail for more than two and a half years in the Middle Eastern country.

And while he has now been cleared and released, ongoing legal proceedings - which his lawyers say are being filed purely to keep him in the country - mean he's banned from leaving.

Mr Sarlak said he was disappointed nothing had been done to help him, after Australia secured the release of Ms Moore-Gilbert, who was in a jail in Iran for more than two years.

Australia also demanded an apology from Qatar over the strip search of Australian female plane passengers after a baby was abandoned in a Doha airport.

Mr Sarlak, who has two grandchildren he's never met, said the imprisonment of the academic, which he heard about while he was in jail, upset him."


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