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“Leave Dubai before you are jailed” - Coronavirus lockdown economic disaster risks gulf expats

Dubai expats face jail over lockdown economic crisis

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, founded in 2008 has warned foreign workers and investors in the UAE to exit before it’s too late. 2008 saw mass casualties, with debtors jailed, robbed of their assets or prevented from leaving the country. Worldwide lockdowns are expected to have an even greater impact. Stirling issued the following statement:

“The closure of world economies, travel and businesses this year has left countries suffering to the tune of trillions of dollars, with millions at the brink of starvation and mass job losses. Airlines have ground to a halt, laying off half or more of their staff and businesses have been forced to shut by government order. Make no mistake, millions will be either bankrupted, out of work or even homeless. The impact of the disastrous worldwide lockdowns will be felt for years after restrictions are lifted.

Businesses have sustained considerable losses during the lockdown and even once restrictions are lifted, are unlikely to return to normal turnover levels for some time, even years. There appears to be no government plan to make individuals feel safe but rather the opposite, to promote social distancing as a new way of life. Ultimately, if people continue to fear contracting coronavirus, businesses will continue to fail, individuals will continue to lose their jobs, their homes, their life savings; and that is if they’re fortunate enough not to be hungry or homeless.

Dubai Expo 2020 employees have been made redundant as the hope to attract foreign investment fades. Staff are being laid off without pay across all industries and expats will have no choice but to return to their native land. Most people who were in a flexible situation, have a