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Top INTERPOL abuser Turkey to host next meeting

Interpol under spotlight for human rights violations over abusive notices

The announcement that Turkey will host the 2021 Interpol General Assembly meeting raises serious doubts about the organisation's integrity.

Interpol has been under growing scrutiny over widespread abuse of its data collection process, with increasing incidences of abusive Red Notices being issued at the request of authoritarian states; with Turkey as one of the leading abusers.

Lawmakers from the US, UK and Australia have been reviewing their relationships with Interpol as it has become clear that the international policing organisation implements no serious screening process before listing people on their system as fugitives.

Radha Stirling, Founder of IPEX and an international expert leading calls for Interpol and extradition reforms says that Turkey has requested more politically motivated, wrongful Red Notices from Interpol than almost