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  • Detained in Dubai

HSBC jailing Brits abroad again! Brit’s year-long nightmare in Ukraine after HSBC Interpol Notice fo

Robert Urwin, seen here with his grandson

67 year old Tyneside resident Robert Urwin has been held in the Ukraine after HSBC in the UAE wrongfully placed him on Interpol over a cheque he never wrote.

It is simply incomprehensible that 67 year old British national Robert Urwin has been subjected to such horrendous treatment after leading international bank HSBC filed a criminal complaint in the UAE over a cheque that Urwin did not even have access to write.

Mr Urwin’s wife and 2 daughters have worked nonstop to explore all ways to resolve this, contacting MPs, The Foreign Office and Embassies to little avail and have had to endure terrible stress during this time and ex