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  • Detained in Dubai

Is Canadian whistleblower Andre Gauthier being made a scapegoat for Gold AE scandal?

André Gauthier

The UAE does not like whistleblowers; and it seems Canada doesn’t either. Canadian national Andre Gauthier discovered that the hard way. When he identified and exposed a massive fraud being perpetrated by the management of Emirates’ investment firm Gold AE, potentially saving unwitting investors millions of dollars in continued losses, he never expected to eventually find himself accused of the crimes he had exposed.

The alleged culprits of the scam fled the UAE shortly after Andre uncovered the fraud, and he was left to clean up the mess and recover whatever he could of the stolen funds. Meanwhile, from the safety of Canada, Mohammed Abu Alhaj, Gold AE’s former director, and the suspected chief architect and beneficiary of the scheme, incited the company’s clients to file criminal complaints against the new management, including Andre.