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UAE disregard for Canadian concerns over Gauthier case

UAE Minster of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan meets Justin Trudeau

It increasingly appears that the United Arab Emirates is dismissing Canada’s concerns about the case of whistleblower Andre Gauthier. Though Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland reportedly reached out to UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed, as well as Defence Minister Saif bin Zayed, 2 weeks ago, there is little sign that the Emirates is taking the Canadian government seriously.

“The Candian embassy receives contradictory and unreliable information about Andre’s status and court proceedings,” said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, who represent Mr. Gauthier. “Consular officials were uninformed of one hearing earlier this week, at which he was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for exiting the country while on bail, so were not in attendance. Then on Tuesday, embassy staff attended a hearing pertaining to the Gold AE case, but the authorities failed to bring Andre to court, so the case was adjourned until next month.

“Despite contacts between Canada and the UAE at the political level, what we are seeing are the same tactics of delay by the courts, evasion, and the lack of transparency which we have seen in this case for the last 4 years. Whatever Minister Freeland said to the UAE, it has