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  • Detained in Dubai

Andre Gauthier interrogated by officers and denied access to Canadian diplomats

“He has just been cooked by 5 police officers for hours. He hasn’t been allowed to see Canadian officials or his lawyer”, relays son Alexis Gauthier who is desperately campaigning for an end to his father’s ordeal, following his extradition from Oman to the UAE where is currently in police detention.

“The UAE is a documented human rights abuser”, says Radha Stirling, an expert witness and CEO of Detained in Dubai. “The UAE is notorious for coerced and forced confessions, unfair trials, detentions without evidence, human rights violations and torture. British national Lee Bradley Brown was killed in police custody, with three witnesses attributing his death to police violence.

“Foreign governments simply can not trust local authorities and can not take the usual line of “following a case” and “ensuring due process”, because frankly, if the UAE had followed Western standards of due process, André would not be in this predicament”.