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BREAKING: Canadian André Gauthier talks to media live while en route to UAE

André Gauthier is in the process of being deported to the UAE.

Canadian Gold AE whistleblower Andre Gauthier has been granted phone access while en route to the UAE from Oman. Please contact Radha Stirling to arrange live interviews.

This afternoon, Andre was loaded into a police vehicle and taken from Muscat for extradition to the UAE. The transfer has been paused over night, and it is expected that he will be handed over to UAE custody by 9am local time.

An urgent message has been sent by Andre’s MP, Richard Martel to the Omani Foreign Ministry requesting a postponement of the extradition to allow the Canadian government to reach a diplomatic solution to Andre’s dilemma; and Mr. Martel is expected to raise the issue with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during today’s parliamentary question time session.

Andre has already granted live interviews to the press in Quebec today while awaiting completion of his transfer to Dubai, and further interviews can be arranged immediately.

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