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"Is my mum coming home, or going to jail?" Anguish of teen daughter

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Tomorrow, Thursday April 11th, 14-year-old Paris Shahravesh Correia Dos Santos will find out if her mum is coming home, or going to jail in Dubai.

Laleh Shahravesh, Paris’ mother, is being charged with violating Cybercrime laws in the United Arab Emirates for posting a mean comment on social media about her ex-husband’s new wife, and faces up to two years in prison and a $50,000 fine if convicted.

The last few years have been a series of upheavals and turbulence for the quiet teenager, and the outcome of tomorrow’s hearing will determine whether or not her immediate future will be getting even worse, or provide her a chance for normalcy.

Paris’ family moved to Dubai and were together for 8 months before she and her mum returned to the UK, expecting her father to join them shortly thereafter. Instead, her parents divorced abruptly in 2016 and she has been living with her mother in London ever since.

In March of this year, her father died in the U