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  • Detained in Dubai

“Brits - Please support veteran Andy Neal & Stop Visiting Dubai!” - desperate father pleads

Desperation is building as army veteran dog handler Andy Neal's imprisonment continues. “I simply can't believe that Dubai can lock up my son for nearly half a year without just cause and the UK government has left them get away with it. It's heartbreaking to learn that this is not even an isolated incident, that Dubai has been doing this to British nationals for years and that, an organisation like Detained in Dubai even has to exist. The British government is aware that Dubai jails people without evidence but they don't tell you about that on their website. The perception they create is that if you obey the law, you'll be fine and that's exactly what Andy did, he's not fine - he's a hostage” explains Maurice Neal, Andy's father, “I urge British citizens to stand up for Andy and express their outrage at the jailing of an innocent man, STOP VISITING DUBAI”.

Andy Neal has been detained without evidence for over five months on allegations of selling drugs based on a single witness statement that the witness confirmed was inaccurate. No drugs were found in Andy's possession, in his car, in his house or in his blood. All tests returned negative, his technology and phones searched, all confirming zero involvement.