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Australia & FIFA must pressure Interpol, Thailand & Bahrain to secure pro footballer's f

Detention of Bahraini/Australian resident and pro footballer in Thailand highlights Gulf state Interpol abuse and international cooperation issues. Australia needs to pressure Interpol to withdraw the politically motivated red notice, Thailand to decline extradition and Bahrain to withdraw their extradition request. FIFA has also been a strong financial supporter of Interpol and should use their own channels to pressure for the removal of the red notice against their fellow sportsman.

Radha Stirling, an expert witness in extradition proceedings to the Middle East, Interpol Abuse, Human Rights expert and Detained in Dubai’s CEO, released the following statement on the detention and potential extradition of pro footballer Hakeem Ali Mohamed Ali AlAraib:

"If it were not for Interpol’s irresponsible acceptance of Red Notices from Gulf States, Hakeem AlAraib would not be in the position he is now, fighting extradition from Thailand to Bahrain. Interpol makes no attempt to review Red Notices for their merit and accepts submissions from nations who have been consistently proven to abuse the system; including reports for political reasons, dissidents/journalists and even credit card debt. Interpol generally makes no attempt to contact the reported party to request their i