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  • Detained in Dubai

London mum and 4 year old daughter jailed together in Dubai over mum’s glass of wine & offending

Mother of 3, Swedish national and Kent resident Dr Ellie Holman was arrested on the 13th of July 2018 for having a single glass of wine on her Emirates Airline flight to Dubai.

An immigration official questioned her about her entry visa, and asked her if she had consumed any alcohol. Ellie told the truth that she was offered one glass on the plane. She was charged with offending the immigration officer and consuming a glass of wine. Both of them were initially denied food, water and restroom access, then held in prison for 3 days together. Now Ellie faces being detained in Dubai for up to a year awaiting her court hearing.

44 year old Ellie Holman is a Swedish Dentist living with her English partner, Gary, and their three children in Sevenoaks, Kent. She and their youngest daughter, Bibi were heading to Dubai for a 5 day break before she resumed school in September. The family had been many times to the UAE and have friends there.

This time, Dr Holman made the mistake of getting on the wrong side of an immigration official, who has had her jailed, denied food, water and air conditioning in police detention, together with her 4 year old child who had no idea why she was being punished.The flight was 8 hours long. Bibi was already tired and ready to sleep when at customs, an immigration official told Ellie that her visa was not in order. Dr Holman had already visited Dubai on this visa, but because the visa date had not expired, she believed it was still valid for more visits. The official was dismissive and rude. He told Ellie it was only a single visit visa and she needed to buy a ticket back to London immediately.Emirates Airlines. The UAE national airline gave Dr Holman the free glass of wine that she’s been charged for