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  • Detained in Dubai

India seeking favours from UAE after their extrajudicial return of Dubai's runaway Princess Lati

India requests extradition of Christian Michel, after having breached international law in returning Princess Latifa to Dubai as a "favour" to strengthen diplomatic relations. But what is India doing to preserve the rights of Indians in the UAE who have been subject to wrongful imprisonment and human rights violations?

Of course the Indian government’s request to the UAE for the extradition of Christian Michel has to be understood in the context of India’s collaboration with the UAE in the kidnapping of Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum. What we are seeing is a trend between the two countries to dismiss international legal norms and protocols, and to instead engage in the politics of favours.

Indian officials are in the UAE to negotiate the extradition of Mr. Michel, while extradition is supposed to be a matter for the courts, not the work of diplomats. But, you see, the UAE enlisted the help of India to