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Dow Chemical Company abandons employee left brain dead after negligent medical operation in UAE

Imran Hussain, husband and father of four, was rendered permanently brain damaged after Dubai’s Mediclinic malpractice during post-operative care, the family is claiming in court. He was working in Dubai for American multinational Dow Chemical, after having been head-hunted when the incident occurred and was responsible for bringing in new clients and cashflow for the company. He is now permanently incapacitated, unable to support his family and is himself, being sued by Mediclinic, who instructed Al Tamimi law firm to represent them, for the additional hospital bills of AED 1,300,000. To top it off his employer has, despite pleas, terminated his employment and therefore, residency visa, leaving him facing deportation. The family is suing Mediclinic for negligence and battling the UAE judicial system and its flaws.

His legal team advise that while Imran was a patient there, he underwent successful heart surgery. However during the post-care procedures oxygen was cut off to his brain, leaving him in a vegetative state and needing 24hr care for the rest of this life.

Despite entering into extensive correspondence with his family and legal team, Dow Chemical Company has terminated Imran’s employment and removed his visa.

His family and legal team are appalled at the local leadership of Dow’s decision to terminate Imran’s employment and remove support for his visa at this very critical time. Dow have also taken Imran’s brother, in absentia, to a Labour court to retrieve his brother’s passport. This has added more worry to their desperate situation.

During several meetings with Dow, it has transpired that their reasons for removing contact and support are that Imran is no longer a productive employee. It is hard to imagine a more inhumane way to descri