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Class action against UK Government for failing in duty of care to British citizens in countries like

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

A landmark class action against the UK government is being prepared by clients of Radha Stirling and a UK Queen’s Counsel.

The action is based on the UK government’s failure in its duty of care towards citizens about the dangers of places like Dubai and the UAE. The Government has failed to give sufficient warning to UK nationals travelling to the Sharia governed desert state, it has failed to respond to requests for help for British citizens who fall foul of the strict laws, and when it does respond, it takes almost no action on behalf of its citizens.

The Treaty between the UK and UAE on judicial assistance in civil and commercial matters. (2009) states in Article 1 that, “Nationals of one Party shall, in the territory of the other Party, enjoy the same judicial protection as nationals of the other Party and shall have the right of access to courts of the other Party under the same conditions as those for the nationals of the other Party.” This is clearly not the normal experience of UK Nationals in countries like the UAE.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, a UK based legal advisory firm, along with Queen’s Counsel, have reviewed a number of cases of British nationals who have suffered legal abuse abroad. They are fielding calls from citizens seeking to join the action and expect the total number of complainants to be in the vicinity of 50-100.

Statements taken so far have included everything from small debt cases, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and detention without charges, to large commercial cases where the UK hasn’t enforced the Treaty and large amounts of money have been lost.