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Press Release: UAE Prosecuting Judge approved Police application to extend Scott Richards´ detention

Scott Richards, a British/Australian man has been in detention without charge for three weeks now, for allegedly breaching the UAE´s new charity laws (original press release below).

Sadly, the Prosecuting Judge granted a further extension while police continue to investigate.

He is appalling conditions and has made a request to be transferred from Al Murraqabat Police Station to a prison, though remains in police custody, under inhumane conditions. He has not been able to meet with his legal representative and has very limited access to telephone.

We do not expect that there will be any change to his detention and the Prosecuting Judge can, if he chooses, grant further extensions to his detention.

Family, friends and sympathetic supporters have been heavily campaigning the press, social media and the government for intervention.

The hashtag #FreeScottRichards has engaged supporters on Facebook & Twitter and some friends have already printed t-shirts in support of justice for Scott.

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