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British National arrested in December at Dubai Mall for alleged crossdressing was handed a fine

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

A British National holidaying in Dubai was arrested in a Dubai Mall after a security guard asked that he accompany him to his office, where he phoned the police.

Police under pressure, arrested the young man and after deliberation and investigation, decided to charge him with offensive and indecent behaviour but after reviewing CCTV footage, dropped allegations that he had intended to use the ladies restrooms.

The accused decided to plead guilty so as to expedite a resolution to the matter since innocent pleas can add delays of months.

In Court, the accused said that he had light foundation and apologies, explaining that he did not expect that to be illegal. Numerous men have taken to new products in Europe such as tinted moisturisers.

The entire ordeal has equated to over two months to resolve and has cost thousands in legal fees as well as lost income from employment and hotel bills.

We are pleased that the accused contacted us early in the matter so that we could help as much as possible.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai along with the recently released (after three years) Swedish celebrity Farzan Athari are warning other British and international celebrities, tourists and expats of the traps that they can fall into in Dubai.

Farzan Athari comments "After being in Dubai so long, it can seem as though you can do, wear or say things that you can at home but this is not reality. You could be the individual who is singled out. Even if you see others doing an act, doesn´t mean that it is legal". Farzan continued "especially with the arts and design industry being so prominant in Dubai, visitors need to be aware of the local laws including local dress regulations, homosexual acts, alcohol and drug use. So many celebrities have been caught up in the legal system there and yet people are still not widely aware of what you can and can not do there, because you constantly see people breaking the laws so it appears to be legal or at least unenforced."

Radha Stirling comments "Crossdressing is not permitted in the UAE. There have been many cases of crossdressing and the offence can result in a prison sentence. We are pleased with the 5,000 dirham fine (apx. GBP 950) though can not emphasise to others how important it is to dress conservatively. The sentence itself is far less than the traumatic experience that one has to endure if charged in the UAE.

In this particular case, we have seen the outfit and it did not appear to be feminine at all and was certainly not a dress or skirt so men are advised to dress cautiously and women conservatively.

Press Contact: Radha Stirling, CEO @ Detained in Dubai +44 7050 686 745

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