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  • Radha Stirling

Bank´s debt collection and enforcement agencies outrage customers with cowboy style harassment

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

"It is no secret that UAE banks have stepped up their efforts to enforce debts internationally and of course, there is nothing wrong with that. The world is becoming smaller and people don’t expect that a simple relocation will alleviate them of their contractual obligations. In fact, most people have a genuine desire to resolve their obligations as soon as possible and keep the option to return to the UAE open. Some customers have been forced to leave the UAE since the country offers no protection against imprisonment for debts. Others have been forced to return home after losing their employment or business.

These situations are quite common and particularly for expatriates who do not have family, assets or a lifetime´s network of friends. It is always more difficult to obtain support or employment in a foreign country when one lacks connections and history, and sudden changes in circumstances can leave a person with few options. A client of ours (who recently received his clearance letter) RM commented as follows:

"I did not abscond from the UAE, I returned to the UK for an undefined period after my wife had undergone Chemo & Radiotherapy, and after 6 years apart we felt we deserved a bit of time together. Before leaving I appointed a power of attorney, and an experienced businessman to run the company in my stead.

The company had taken a loan out, which some months after I had left, fell into default. The bank had then apparently decided to come after me personally as the guarantor.

As a consequence My family and I were subjected to a campaign of harassment and intimidation by a UAE based DCA, Fintrestle, which lasted for months.

We were phoned daily and I was constantly threatened with Interpol Red Notices and other legal actions, which would have resulted in me being unable to work as I had taken on a small consultancy contract since I was not drawing a salary from the UAE company and still had to provide for the family.

After protracted negotiations through Miss Stirling and her organisation, we were not making any progress, in fact Fintrestle admitted that they