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UK Rules against UAE Extradition Request in case of Yasir Afsar

We are privileged to announce that after a lengthy and costly battle, Westminster Magistrates Court has ruled last week that the United Kingdom will not extradite Mr Yasir Afsar to the United Arab Emirates.

We assisted by providing expert testimony that assisted in proving that Mr Afsar's rights would be breached if he were returned to the UAE. The Judge ruled favourably on the basis that he would suffer prejudice in the event he were returned to the UAE, based on his ethnicity. The initial request from the UAE stemmed from allegations were for breach of privacy.

The UK has previously ruled against extraditions to the UAE, after being satisfied that the defendant's human rights would be breached. The outcome of the High Court case of Lodhi has been significant and will continue to act as a precedent to lower Courts in the UK.

The Magistrates Court in the UK has been satisfied with the expert testimony provided for the defence, proved that his rights would be breached if returned to the UAE.

While the UK signed an extradition treaty with the UAE, human rights safeguards were installed into the legislation. Australia recently followed suit and signed an extradition treaty. However, we continue to lobby Australian Parliament to install the same human rights safeguards that UK legislators had the foresight to include.

Below is a summary of the Judgment: