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Lembit Öpik interviews Radha Stirling on world politics, foreign policy and censorship.

Born in Northern Ireland in 1965 to Estonian parents, Lembit Öpik studied Economics, then Philosophy at Bristol University. In 1988, He joined multi-national firm Procter & Gamble in Advertising, rising to Global Human Resources Training & Development Manager for the 112,000 staff. Lembit was British MP from 1997-2010, and as Shadow Secretary State for Northern Ireland helped negotiate the Northern Ireland peace. Lembit also chairs the world’s only Digital Parliament – Asgardia, the first ‘space nation.’ An intense liberatarian, Lembit regards increasing societal pressure to conform as the ‘potential end of reason.’ He regards the ‘climate emergency’ mantra as a ‘free speech emergency,’ where vested interests oppress scientific rigour: ‘They’ve the right to be wrong, but they’ve no right to silence other people who are right.’ He’s been broadcasting since the early 1990s on radio and television, and is a feature filmmaker and author.

GUEST OVERVIEW: Radha Stirling is a leading UK based human rights advocate, crisis manager and policy consultant, focusing on the UAE and the wider Middle East. She is the founder and CEO of British based organisation Detained in Dubai (which have helped almost twenty thousand victims of injustice over the past 16+ years), Due Process International and IPEX (Interpol and Extradition) Reform. Stirling also hosts the Gulf in Justice Podcast.


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