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Detained in Dubai: The Scammer’s Gold Mine — People Search —

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

On the morning of October 4, 2021, our story prospector’s phone screen lit up with a Gmail notification. It was from a woman named Yvette who was desperately calling out for help.

Yvette was desperately seeking the team’s help, she provided a crucial piece of information, a piece that would allow the team to begin the investigation of Charles Landry’s Florida Driver’s License.

Yevette’s message detailed her relationship with an army commando who was stationed on a top-secret mission in Bagdad. She said that she already sent Charles $9,000 for an armored escort to Dubai, where Charles was detained for carrying gold that he was given as a “Gift” from the locals. Charles told Yevette that he would need an additional $75,000 to get out of prison.

Yvette provided the team with a picture of Charles’s driver’s license.

With this piece of information, we could hand it over to our search specialist and the investigation into Yvette’s mystery man could begin. After our specialist examined the driver’s license, we noticed a few things that were out of place.

The Biggest red flag was that the signature didn’t match the name on the license.

This mismatch of information was enough for our team to go further into our investigation. We brought Yvette in for a Pre-interview to hear her story and see if the information was adding up.

The investigation begins