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  • Detained in Dubai

Connor Clements appeal to be ruled on 3 days before Christmas.

Brit facing 2 years jail in Dubai for using legal marijuana medication in England 3 weeks before.

New start. Connor moved to Dubai for a chance to save money for the future.

On the 21st December, 3 days before Christmas, when most Brits are looking forward to time with family and cosy nights with good food and loved ones, Connor Clements will be staring down the barrel of a two year sentence in a bleak, Middle Eastern jail infamous for human rights violations and torture.

His predicament is unimaginable to most of us. Connor sometimes suffered from anxiety, and gained relief from completely legal Sativex medical marijuana spray and cannabis CBD capsules. He stopped taking these before leaving his hometown of Liverpool, 3 weeks before his arrest in Dubai. The fact that minute traces of marijuana were found in his bloodstream weeks later in Dubai was enough for him to face charges.

Sativex. Legal in the UK for treatment of anxiety

The man who gave Connor’s name to police Sergei, a Ukrainian, had been caught with 10 grams of actual marijuana. The police asked him to name as many people as possible from suppliers down to people he thought were users to make a deal for his own freedom.