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60 Minutes | British Cryptocurrency expert wanted by FBI after trip to North Korea

In a massive overreach of power, British national detained in Saudi for breaching US sanctions that don't apply to him

60 Minutes investigates how British citizen Christopher Emms has become one of the FBI's "Most Wanted" after attending a crypto conference in North Korea.

“When we think of human rights violations, we think of Saudi, not the USA”, said Radha Stirling, founder of Due Process International and IPEX who is representing Mr Emms. The Interpol and Extradition expert has taken Emms’ case to the United National for a ruling on his arbitrary detention. “It is unacceptable that the FBI has issued an Interpol Red Notice against a British citizen for allegedly violating domestic US laws that simply don’t apply to him. This is an abuse of power tantamount to State Harassment.

“Biden’s new cryptocurrency task force hopes that under enough pressure, Chris will voluntarily surrender to the US and enter a guilty plea under the threat of potentially twenty years in prison. The Statute Chris is alleged to have violated specifies that it only applies to US persons and no foreigner has ever been successfully prosecuted leading authorities to resort to intimidation tactics to pressure victims into plea bargains. The US deliberately activated the Interpol alert while Chris was in Saudi to exude maximum pressure on him, then they froze his bank accounts making it impossible for him to pay for comprehensive legal defence.