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UK based NGO Detained in Dubai celebrate 10 years of success

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Ten years after forming Detained in Dubai to support foreign visitors and residents suffering human and civil rights abuses in the United Arab Emirates, CEO Radha Stirling has emerged as the leading international expert on the UAE legal system, and a successful campaigner for justice in dozens of high profile cases.

Detained in Dubai has taken on and won a huge amount of cases involving British nationals unjustly accused, detained, or sought for extradition to the Gulf state. Recently the organisation’s work has expanded to include similar issues in Qatar, particularly cases pertaining to commercial and civil disputes.

This week, Radha’s work brings her to London to appear at the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in a hearing to support two Detained in Dubai clients. She will be submitting both written and oral testimony detailing the rampant legal abuses in the UAE criminal justice system, and highlighting the unreliability of judicial verdicts issued by Emirati courts.

While in London, Radha has been requested to attend a meeting of the UK parliament to discuss ongoing cases and the state of human rights and legal failings in the UAE and Qatar. She will also take the opportunity to personally meet several Detained in Dubai clients and their families living in the UK.

One of Ms Stirling's aims is to highlight the ongoing plight of Asa Hutchinson, the young woman from Essex, UK, who witnessed a fight outside a bar in Dubai and was then unfairly linked with the scuffle She now faces charges of assault.

A Detained in Dubai staff member is appearing on behalf of Stirling this week in Geneva where he will be giving a speech on torture in Dubai prisons and presenting an update on Human Rights abuse within the UAE.