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  • Detained in Dubai

Young British girl facing jail in Dubai for witnessing argument in hotel lobby, as actual suspects

Asa Hutchinson, a 21 year old Dubai resident was leaving brunch with a group of visiting friends when she witnessed an argument between some boys who were in her party and a drunk Swedish man in his 50s who had been asleep on a couch in the hotel lobby. Since then, all of the visitors have left the UAE, but expat Asa, a "quiet, sensible girl" has been charged by the drunk aggressor and faces jail for nothing more than witnessing the argument.

Asa, originally from Chelmsford in Essex, was leaving Dusty's in the DIFC district when she saw the events taking place.

Asa tells us that some of the boys had taken selfies with the sleeping drunk, who is a technology company executive. "The man woke up and began punching the boys. I heard the commotion and came back to see what was going on." By this time the boys were running away, their high spirits having left them after receiving hard blows to the face and head from the enraged Swedish tech boss.

The youngsters left, believing the incident to be over. However, their attacker was not to be mollified, Asa continues. "He called the police and made official complaints about the boys for taking pictures of him," (illegal in Dubai) "and for being rude." (also punishable by jail time.).

The police got Ben's (Asa's ex boyfriend) name from the reservations list and a few days later the whole group found themselves at the infamous Bur Dubai police station, where British tourist Lee Bradley Brown was reportedly beaten to death in police custody after being arrested for allegedly being rude to a maid at his hotel.