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Emirates NBD collectors pose as Interpol agents

Emirates NBD بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني #debtcollectors pose as INTERPOL HQ agents when phoning customers.. "We are Interpol, come to our Barcelona offices" - Very unprofessional. #EmiratesNBD and other #Dubai #banks need to issue ACCEPTABLE policies on collection tactics employed by their appointed representatives who are hurting their brand

EmiratesNBD are fully aware of the illegal tactics employed by their agents who are directly encouraged by the banks. #Harassment and serious threats are #illegal in the #UAE and in the countries where the customers reside.

Emirates NBD continue to threaten debtors with #InterpolRedNotice, a practice that breaches the agreement between the UAE and Interpol but has continued to date. Interpol needs to enforce their agreements with member countries to stop #InterpolAbuse.

Banks need to understand that the situation of customers can change, and no amount of harassment or illegal threats can get blood out of a stone. Radha Stirling said "the personal situation of an expat in the UAE can change suddenly and unexpectedly. This can be the result of redundancies, medical conditions or the cancelation of their visa. If they have to return to their home country, their income can drop drastically and the banks need to understand this reality" - Radha Stirling

A client of Stirling's said "they have been threatening me at work, telling my colleagues I am a criminal and wanted by Interpol. Simple fact is that they won't accept an instalment plan and won't accept that my situation has changed. What do they want me to do? These threats don't change the facts".

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Mr. Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim and H.E. Khalid Juma Al Majid need to implement legal and acceptable practices at ENBD that are aligned with world standards.

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